Perffin Group. N.V launch MediaFin.Inc., a disruptive Sectorial Neo-Bank for the Media and Entertainment industry


In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, the emergence of Neo-Banks has revolutionized how individuals and businesses manage their money. Traditional banks are facing fierce competition as customers embrace digital solutions tailored to their specific needs. Now, with the launch of MediaFin.Inc, a digital sectorial Neo-Bank, the global media, and entertainment (M&E) industry is poised for a transformative journey in a global media and entertainment industry boasting a staggering $3 trillion in revenue, with over 8 million potential professional customers. In 2022, content investment soared, surpassing $230 billion, fuelled by the proliferation of subscription streaming services and the intensifying battle for original content. This trend highlights the growing importance of the M&E sector on a global scale.

Challenges faced by the Industry:

Despite its lucrative nature, the M&E industry faces several challenges. Firstly, due to the interconnected nature of players from various domestic markets and the multinational character of productions, financing processes are often prolonged and costly. Secondly, investment recoupment and income from exploitation require faster settlement and payments. Lastly, corporates, SMEs, and independent professionals within the industry demand a dedicated bank that caters to their specific needs beyond conventional banking services.

Added Value from MediaFin.Inc:

MediaFin.Inc presents a solution-oriented approach to these challenges by offering a 24/7 financial ecosystem that brings together all stakeholders, from conception to exploitation. By facilitating seamless collaboration and communication, MediaFin streamlines the financing process, reducing time and costs.

The company will backed by an Open-Ended Fixed Incomes Fund, providing a myriad of banking services, including financial loan solutions, revenue-based finance, and leasing to its customer base. This ensures flexible and tailored financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of M&E professionals.

Moreover, MediaFin goes beyond traditional banking services by facilitating access for new players to enter the industry by connecting projects to third-party financial partners, co-productions, content markets, import/export assistance, insurance solutions, festival financing, and more. By acting as a comprehensive financial hub, MediaFin empowers M&E professionals to navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence.

In conclusion,

MediaFin.Inc represents a pivotal advancement in the financial landscape of the M&E industry. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, MediaFin stands poised to become the go-to financial partner for corporates, SMEs, and independent media professionals alike. As the demand for specialized financial solutions continues to grow, MediaFin’s innovative approach promises to redefine the future of media finance.


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